Thursday, May 8, 2008

strongly agree

So, I'm working with a company that's working with another company that does contract work for the VA. I will never see a VA employee, nor will I ever be anywhere close to VA property, nor will I have access to any VA data. But because the money I get will be originating with the VA, I am required to undergo "training" in the inifitely awesome areas of Privacy Protection and Awareness (as a direct result of some jackass having the entire list of veterans and their social security numbers on a laptop that was stolen from his home) and the always-popular Sexual Harassment Awareness.

Fortunately, this requirement is easily completed by taking an online "course" in which you are given information and then submitted to a short quiz. Unfortunately, for paperwork purposes I'm supposed to print out a copy of the certificate that verifies that I've been properly trained in these fields. More unfortunately, the only way to get the Sexual Harassment cert is to fill out an online "how'd we do" survey that's longer than the actual Sexual Harassment quiz.

And here's the cool part... one of the questions in that survey was: "I am often presented with situations in my work environment to apply the knowledge I learned in this course."

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