Monday, May 19, 2008

still freaking out about the ring

So, busy weekend with not much to show for it. Well, not much for me, at least. Little bro got hitched. I managed to not completely pooch the toast. I also managed to work up such a nice case of OCD about losing the ring that I've suffered about 7 moments of panic when I realized it wasn't on my pinky since handing it over to the pastor during the ceremony.

Feelin' kind of Frodo Baggins right about now. :(

Any rate, the plan this week is to drop WoW time for some App Engine time. I've also reactivated the Safari account only to discover that they now offer a "Library" option which gets rid of the stupid "bookshelf" crap... no more having to checkout a book for at least 30 days, and no more limits on how many you can check out. And I mention that to mention that since I've now got a decent idea of how I'd do restful routing myself, I'm going to take another peek at Django to see if the overhead is worth it. Yet another Crazy Ivan.

Also found a book called "Visualizing Data" by Ben Fry that in addition to talking about how to visualize data also serves as a primer for Processing. Hoping to skim through that and get some ideas about the capabilities.

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