Monday, May 12, 2008

making GAE a little less pythonic and more railsish

After spending time earlier in the week trying to achieve some level of zen on GAE's datastore stuff, I hit kind of a brick wall on what to do about the VC part of the term MVC. The option everyone is pushing is "just use django", but.. I don't like that answer. I don't know what it is specifically, but django just doesn't feel like the "right solution" for what I wanna do, as if it'd bring in more stuff than I want to deal with.

After mucking around a little with python this weekend, I think I've figured out how to create a crude replacement for Rails's dispatch.cgi, and just that to handle all the routing for URLs in my app. The dispatch script would be responsible for sussing out the right class and the right action based on the url, creating an instantiation, and calling the correct method. All methods will probably just return a dictionary of values to pass to a call to the page render, and there ya go.

Will try to get some sample code up later on, but I'm not promising anything this week... my little bro is getting hitched on Saturday, so time is an scarcer commodity now. :/

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G-man said...

web2py may be your answer ... it is optimized for Python