Wednesday, June 10, 2009

treasure these moments

So, it's been over a month since my last post to this blarg, and that was for a Tears for Fears video.

The only logical assumption to be made was that I soon realized just how gheyz0r that was and that I must have shortly thereafter hanged myself out of shame. I won't blame you for jumping to that conclusion and I give you points for critical thinking, but I will say I'm disappointed in you for first of all using "gay" as a pejorative and secondly for spelling it like a cracked out 13 year old counterstrike player.

Any rate, I'm currently sitting in what's basically the eye of the hurricane of a software project. It's one of those rare occasions where you not only have the ability to put something legitimately useful out into the market, but something that could shake up your little niche and set a standard for others to chase for the next couple of years. True, it's not a very sexy niche (it's not like chicks dig guys who wrote the most awesomeful debit card transaction system EVAR), but a win's a win, and things feel like they're lining up for this to be a dominating win.

Of course, the money isn't in the bank yet. We still have yet to show the stuff publicly, and there's always a chance that we're going to get dinged for something, that we solved the wrong problem, or that we're more excited about the product than we should be.

But tonight... ah, tonight the work is done, the interface looks good, the most severe bugs are squashed, testing hasn't found any new problems, and there's naught left to do but to head off to sleep with visions of what I'll do with the $74 billion we make from the product dancing through my pointed little head.

Probably buy a Dairy Queen so I can get lifetime free Blizzards whenever I want them.

Or maybe a fridge full of Hot Pockets.

Hell, I might even get both.