Tuesday, April 29, 2008

rackspace ipo

Apparently the S-1 got filed yesterday, and it's an illuminating read:

  • you get a short history lesson on Henry Ford ;)

  • it costs $28,761/month to rent out the 6th floor

  • the remaining founders' names only appear once in the entire document

  • operational costs are trending around 1/3 of revenues (except in 2006 when they were about 1/4)

  • due to incentives from Windcrest, Bexar County, and the State of Texas, RS needs to create about 2,500 more jobs than it currently has (probably more, since it's committed to 4,500 employees at the Windcrest location by 2012), and median salary has to be at $56K

  • executives and officers control around 45% of the stock, about 24% (counted as part of the 45) belonging to Graham Weston

To the folks who are still there, congrats and I hope the IPO goes well. :)

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