Monday, April 21, 2008

the black temple is now tainted

On of the huge injusticies...nay, travesties of the World of Warcraft 2.4 patch was that it removed the attunement process for entering some of the higher end raid instances. The 7% of the player population who had worked hard to go through the attunement process were ticked that any scrub off the street could just waltz into the Mount Hyjal or Black Temple zones and start killing stuff.

Tonight, I was that scrub. I also got the position of off-tank by default, since our other experienced warrior stayed spec'd for mortal strike and we were missing our prot paladins.

No boss kills yet, but I think we have Naj figured out. Also, the trash hits hellah hard. A lot of folks in my guild are in dire need of equipment upgrades before we can stroll through BT content, but it was fun to join the exclusive club of folks who've run out of pots and stamina food trying to get the rhythm of the Naj fight.

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