Sunday, April 27, 2008

nerd warning sign #12,572

When you watch Cloverfield, you catch yourself getting pissed off at Hud for not holding the camera steady and getting a better shot of Big Monster(tm) so you could study it better, but then that gives way to you wondering what kind of metabolism it has to let it knock down freaking skyscrapers and spawn thousands of those terrifying little bug soldier things when its only food source appears to be the random human fleeing from it that it occasionally snags and by the way, didn't the grumpy prof you had in bio 101 say that there's was a limit to how big any cell (and consequently any organism) can get due to the constraints of physics?

Sorry, but I found the creature 100x more fascinating than 20-somethings running around yelling, "Ohmigawdohmigawdohmigawd". Amirite?

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