Thursday, July 17, 2008

so much for android

Back before The Crash(tm) on the older blag, I had a post about how I was interested in Google's Android platform. Based on Linux, Java APIs for hardware access, and some neat abstraction for stuff like location (can use either geolocation off of wifi network, builtin GPS transcievers, etc)... what wasn't to love?

Except for the fact that it was software without any hardware behind it. Originally, we were supposed to see phones in Q308, but that's starting to look like it'll slip. Providers are being jackasses because they don't want free messaging via XMPP to cut into the if-they-had-a-gun-it'd-be-robbery pricing on SMS. Phone manufacturers are balking at some of the requirements.

And now we find out Google's only issuing updated SDKs to the 50 participants of their Android Development Challenge.

So, nuts to that... It's gonna be the same story, different kernel as all the other phones. Time to give up and snag an iPhone. :)

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