Friday, July 11, 2008

O_o napster support is pretty awesome

2 posts ago, I used Napster as an example of my main beef with DRM: when the provider can't (or won't) authenticate your access anymore, you lose the content and thus you're renting it instead of buying it.

I just got an email from Napster's support team with instructions on how to fix the problem and who to contact if it doesn't work out.

What's amazing is that the previous entry was the only place I'd mentioned the problem... I hadn't created a ticket or anything because I wasn't really concerned with recovering the music. They just found the post, figured out my account and the tracks, setup a ticket, and sent me instructions. Within 2 days.

That's some pretty fscking impressive customer service, fellahs. :)


Anonymous said...

My biggest question is, was that just coincidental, or do you think they actually check blogs for complaints? It's pretty easy to get an RSS feed from google blog search and distribute each feed item to select support representatives.

Unknown said...

No clue, but if that was coincidence that would be amazing.

There are several companies out there who specialize in "scanning the blogosphere" (ie, ganking and parsing RSS feeds and looking for product/brand names) and publish a report on who's saying what about you or your product.

But even in that case, to forward the complaint on proactively from the marketing group to the support guys is pretty awesome, too.