Friday, June 6, 2008

nicest car thieves ever

Horrible news: the cops found my car.

It was sitting in front of some lady's house off of Culebra. About 2 blocks away from gang land and a bunch of seedy looking muffler/used tire stores.

Worse, there was no damage to the truck. Anywhere. It was almost as if they had a key or something. No windows smashed, the steering wheel housing wasn't jacked up, not even a scratch on the ignition. The trip odometer had 57 miles on it, and they left me with a quarter tank of gas.

But hold on, it gets even worse. :( They left a leather jacket, some jumper cables, and a toolbox. They did score a broom, a couple of cd's, and smoked my last 3 Marlb's, but they were also nice enough to take out the garbage (Mickey D's and Sonics bags) I'd left in the backseat.

Even the spare tire's still there.

So why is this bad news? Because my car getting ganked obviously wasn't part of June's master plan. :( And that means, the ides haven't made their play yet.

Seriously. Who's ever heard of car thieves that actually clean your stuff up and only steal stuff worth less than $7?!? The only way it could have been better is if they'd taken it to a car wash and parked it back in the original spot.

Ah, well. In honor of the reunion and by way of saying, "Thanks for not being more of a dick than you had to be about this and I'm sorry for asking God to give you brain cancer every night this past week," here's some Gary Numan:

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