Sunday, March 30, 2008

serverbeach handles the recovery

The hosting company for the server where I had the drive failure was Server Beach. This is the 2nd time I've had a drive flame out with them in nearly 5 years that I've used them. The last time was New Year's Eve 2004.

On the whole, the process around getting something back online was pretty impressive. The previous failure took about 24 hours to resolve to a point where I was back online. This time, the ticked was answered within 2 hours of me submitting it on a Saturday night around 10pm, and a new server was provisioned in around 4 hours. The only hitch is that I was assigned a new IP address, which wasn't really a huge problem since I was already having to recover from the old IP not responding to stuff like SMTP, DNS, and HTTP requests.

The end result is that in less than 10 hours after I reported the problem, I had another server up and was able to stand up minor placeholder services before the 12 hour mark.

As painful as having to start over from scratch is and as much of a annoyance as migrating old data back into position is going to be, I have to say that the prospect of being able to start over fresh is kind of handy. There were some things that about the old system (organizationally) that were suffering from neglect and could have stood to been cleaned up.

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