Sunday, March 30, 2008

hello world


Turns out the hard drive in the server has failed. Tossing the good ole IDE buffer I/O errors, which means the data's just gone, man.


The good news is: all the important stuff was backed up.

Bad news is: the blog and all the stuff I had up for download (ie, pics, movies, game mods, etc) wasn't considered important.

Basically gonna start over from scratch here. :)

I'm also taking a new approach to how I'm going to handle stuff infrastructure-wise. I'm currently looking into going more distributed with stuff in the future. Email using google apps, use blogger to host the blog, put everything into everydns, and maybe check out the changes to EC2 for other services I need or want to play around with and let S3 worry about saving the data.

And all this against a backdrop of getting a new batcave, buying a new (to me at least) car, and thoughts turning once again towards pilots licenses, college degrees, and electronics hacking.

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