Monday, February 4, 2013

slowly getting there

Feel pretty good about today's workout:

1 hour swimming (1.6K)
 * for the first 1K:
  - tried to keep it at least 75% freestyle/front crawl (sub backstroke if I'm sucking down too much water)
  - breast stroke the other 25% if shoulders are tuckering out
  - it's ok to stop every 150m, but no longer than 10s (3 deep breaths)
 * last bit
  - 50% front crawl, 50% breast stroke
  - no set distance.. just shoot for whatever you can get until the hour is up

20 minutes footwork
* warmup laps
* 3x10 pushups and situps
* shadow box for 3 mins
* "tour the gym" once in fight stance... start at front left corner: walk back, to your right, forward, then left along edge of gym
* 2x "tour the gym" with 10lb dumbbells in each hand at guard position.. 1 min breaks (keep moving)
* 3x10 straight punches w/weights (work on keeping guard hand up and in the right spot!).. 1 min breaks between
* 1x10 punches w/o weights, make sure you use good form, then stretch out

1 hour heavy bag
* five sets of 5x10 straight punch
  - each arm does 5 subsets of 10 punches
  - focus on speed and form, not so much on power
  - keep hands in guard position, even during breaks
  - should take around a minute
  - 1 minute break in between... walk/jog

* 5x15 of two-fers
 - switch lead hand on each set
 - left+right = 1 rep
 - chop feet, try for power and KO on 2nd punch
 - should take around 15s... 30s breaks

* 5x15 four-fers
- switch lead hand on each set
- left+right+left+right = 1 rep
- chop feet, try for both speed and power
- should take around 30s... 1m breaks

* 5x15 3bows
- switch lead hand on each set
- left+right+left+right elbow
- try to put a crease in the bag with the elbow
- both speed and power
- should be around 30s... 1m breaks

* 3x10 front kicks
- 10 with each leg = 1 set
- defensive kick... use whole foot to hit bag
- focus on form (knee up to cock it, then snap it forward)... keep balance and work on foot position
- work on getting power from popping the hips
- 30s break between each set

* 5 sets of 20 second flurries
- front punch as fast and hard as you can for 20s
- break 20s, then back into it
- it's ok for the punches to get really weak... just keep going like your life depended on it

My big goal for the next week is to start shortening the break times some more (ie, no break is longer than the punching time) and then maybe work on increasing reps.

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