Monday, August 29, 2011

shaker furniture

After I got back home, I made a quick to the library and ended up picking up way too many books.  One of them was How to Build Shaker Furniture by Thos. Moser.  The book has turned out to be a pretty good catalog of different joinery types, how to use fasteners, a good reference on stuff like types of wood, tools, etc.  Although I'm probably not patient or skilled enough to start in on some of the designs he's got, there are some pretty good inspirations in there.  I'm thinking this book needs to be on the bookshelf more permanently.

I also snagged Making Elegant Custom Tables by Doug Stowe.  While this book didn't have much in the way of plans and it was meant to be more of a pictorial survey of some of the author's work, it did have some nice explanations of the techniques he used (like how to build pedestals) and some of the tools he crafted (like a cylinder lathe).

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