Thursday, June 23, 2011

the lost month

So, not quite a month since my post about weight loss, but figured that I'd go ahead and update anyway.

As we pushed on into June, I had managed to drop to 355 (lost around 30lbs in 2 months) and was feeling kind of cocky. On the 10th, I took a 3 day trip to the beach and induldged in carbs. When I got back home, I found I was at 370 and got pretty disheartened about the whole deal. It wasn't until earlier this week that I started getting back on the low carb regimen, and I'm now down to 362.

So, that means a net loss of a measly 2 lbs since June.

My theory to explain the rapid weight gain during the vacation is that I was drinking a lot of sugary beverages (since I was out in the sun) as well as eating poorly (pancakes, chocolate cake, and "a couple" of beers). I suspect that the change to diet caused some water retention which made the weight gain seem a lot worse than it really was. In the week and a half following the trip where I was still eating poorly (but not as poorly as on the trip... much less caloric intake) the weight seemed to maintain itself.

Basically, I'm blaming it on Gatorade in the afternoon and cake at night. :)

I'm also finding that I'm losing weight with a double/double (toss the bun), french fries, and sweet tea from whataburger... around 1lb a day on the days I've had it as a meal. This implies that going over the carb limit for Atkin's induction isn't the end of the world. Finally, I'm also wondering if the Zone's idea of the glycemic index might not have some validity.

But the important thing: I still don't feel like I'm on a "diet". I haven't had to suffer any hunger pangs or low blood sugar days.

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