Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So even though in the 10 days since I quit playing WoW I've ripped through 2 ora books, learned enough ActionScript to become dangerous, started the downward slope of a project I'm running solo on, gotten the hard logic of the S3sync tool knocked out, rehabbed my home network and got some big boy security in place.... I'm probably going to snag Warhammer: Age of Reckoning tonight.

The big diff seems to be that unlike WoW, WAR does not demand every freaking minute of your life. Also unlike WoW, WAR seems to be more realistically designed around the concept of "more is better" rather than requiring you to break up into small, specialized, and closed groups.

Got some pals (Titans of Soria) heading for Iron Rock, Destruction side (apparently the server's got a 3-1 Destruction:Order ratio.. for once, I'll be in the majority). I'm thinking I'm going to stick with my tanking tradition and go with a Black Orc.

Named Parkerlewis. \o/

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